Kind words from Happy Customers:

“My 1960 P-bass was in need of love – frets, nut, pickups, volume and tone pots. John worked his magic and I’m the happiest customer on the planet. The thing plays/sounds fantastic. I’ve made my living playing bass for 50+ yrs. The knowledge, experience, skill, and good old fashioned customer service John brings is the real deal.  I highly recommend!”
Brian Goddard , Annapolis, MD

I took my un-playable 71 strat to John Ingram for a re-fret and he turned it into the best playing guitar I own! Truly perfect- Thanks John!

Luis Peraza, Beltsville, MD

“John re-fretted my vintage jazz bass.  Having just received it back, I cannot get over how much it is improved.  It couldn’t have been an easy job with a bound fretboard, but his work is flawless and the bass plays incredibly well. It is a joy to play and I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
Joshua Fine, Laurel, MD

 “I rescued a 1980s Strat from the widow of a former serviceman. The neck was in pretty rough shape, and although I’d been told it was all but lost, I felt compelled to restore the instrument to honor its previous owner. I knew I had found the right hands for the job when I found John. He knew what needed to be done, how difficult it would be and the uncertainty of the outcome, but promised to do his best. John exceeded every expectation and got this guitar playing like a dream. The refret is perfect, neck is true and the setup is flawless. Thank you John for a promise kept.”
Christine Brown

“John’s setup work on my Martin acoustic guitar was outstanding. He does more than the simple setup work others do. He examines and understands that guitars soul and then knows how to bring out its best. I’ve been playing my guitar with an added smile for days now. I’m looking forward to bringing in my other guitars and upgrading them all.”

Gordy Carlson, Rochester NY & Annapolis, MD

“Knowing and trusting John with my instruments for 25+ years, I’ve always appreciated his expertise and knowledge what to do as
well as the guidance in what not to do. He took my 1965 Precision Bass from great to extraordinary – Thanks!”

Joe Amy, Annapolis, MD

“I drive down from Jersey to see John because I know my guitars are going to prefect when I get them back. It does not matter if it’s a Les Paul or a custom built guitar John put together for me, all will be consistent and like they came out of the factory with my personal subtleties dialed in. His craftsmanship and detailed work on standard factory or rare custom built specs. is very hard to find.”

Well worth the drive,

Glenn Hansel

“I’ve been referred to John by several people and his work is, as I was advised, wonderful. He’s taken on two of my “problem” guitars and turned them into gems.”
Mark Bjorke

“John Ingram, is quite seriously, one of the very few people left on earth who understands the schematics and electronics of the early Paul Reed Smith guitars (rotary dial, sweet-switch, etc…).I drove five hours to his residence in Annapolis, Maryland on a Sunday morning, and twenty minutes after arriving, John had diagnosed the detailed elements of my trusted guitar’s archaic pick-ups. I left Annapolis on Monday morning with my 30 year old 1987 PRS Custom 24 ‘completely resurrected from its electrical woes.”

Toby Kniffin, Westerly, RI

“I’ve known John since around 1980 when he and Paul Reed Smith were turning out guitars one at a time by hand in a tiny attic workshop in Annapolis, MD. John has done top quality work on several of my guitars over the years. His experience, knowledge and high standard of workmanship can’t be beat.”

Brian Forsythe
Los Angeles, CA 

“John Ingram is an artist! I have been taking guitars to him for service since 2005 and he never disappoints. His level of knowledge and attention to detail are second to none.”

Thomas Wiebel, Falls Church, VA

“John has been my Guitar tech since the early eighties when he worked out of the small shop on Main Street in Annapolis.  He has done everything from re-fret my ’77 Les Paul, make and install custom wound pickups, to fix that buzzing fret…! I have always been impressed by the quality of his work.

Steve Bavis, Annapolis, MD

“I picked up a late 90’s PRS McCarty that needed some serious TLC. Who better to take a look than the guy who helped launch the PRS brand? I brought it to John for some serious bridge and setup work. I’m really impressed with the level and quality of work he put into this thing! John has got a lot of experience working with these instruments and he’s a professional when it comes to communication and getting things right. All of this is completely obvious in his work. John is my new and sole guitar tech. Thanks John (and Bob)!!”

Matthew Graff

“The frets on my 1969 Strat (bought in early 1970) were worn out, pickups failing. I needed someone seasoned and skilled, not just the average, or even above average Tech. So I put off repair for years looking. “Enter John Ingram”. His work is down right beautiful…can’t stop looking at and playing it. I had forgotten how great its feel and sound can be. John brought my baby back to life!”

Tyjuan Wilson Sr.

Temple Hills, MDI recently had John do some work on a vintage 1957 Les Paul Junior thatI absolutely adore. It was my first vintage guitar and it was everything I hoped it would be. The only thing was that I just couldn’t get along with the original tiny frets. So… I shipped it 200 miles or so to John for a full refret with some larger wire and had him do some other minor repairs. Now it is PERFECTION. It feels like an extension of my body and plays effortlessly. Johns work is magical and he will have my business from this day forward! In addition to his
technical wizardry, John is also a first class guy through and through. And John went the extra mile to make sure my Junior got back to me safe and sound. I can’t thank him enough.

Dave Dougherty
Congers, New York

“John truly is a master. The quality of his work, his precision and attention to the subtlest details in particular, is the best I’ve ever encountered. He can breathe new life into a guitar, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Dave Mercier
Easton, MD

“John Ingram is a wealth of knowledge… he has worked on every imaginable type of guitar. Absolutely one of the best in the industry!“

Joe Knaggs
Greensboro, MD

“My guitar was repaired, cared for and set up like it was his own. Highly recommended. Setups, pickup installations and refretting, all first rate.”

Michael McHenry
Towson, MD

“I first met John at 33 West St. when he started working with a guy named Paul. A few thousand guitars later when I needed a fret job, John
was who I took my guitar to. John’s work is meticulous and the guitars play beautifully! He understands frets, fingerboards, and set-ups, and has rescued a number of my guitars that might have otherwise been un-playable forever. Want your guitar to play like a dream? Give John a call today!”

Bill Holter
Alexandria, VA

“John has always done great work and fret jobs for me. He was my set-up guy for many years and always did stellar work. I’m a player and know very little about the ‘technical’ and repair aspect of guitars. I haven’t adjusted my own action or intonation in decades. Having a
top-notch person like John Ingram repair, restore and care for your guitars is essential for players out on the road.”

Jock Bartley
Denver, Colorado

“I’ve consulted with John many times since the beginning of my relationship with PRS. His experience, knowledge and craftsmanship are
second to none.”

Richard Williams
Atlanta, GA 

John has done exceptional work on all the guitars that Iʼve sent him. I had three PRS guitars that sustained minor to serious damage during Hurricane Katrina. PRS didnʼt want to discuss the repairs. In fact, there was a ca. 1998 Hollowbody that had finish damage. PRS wanted more that the cost of a new model just to refinish the top! John did the work superbly, and the cost was far less than I expected. John also refretted an early Fifties Guild X-375 (the poor manʼs Switchmaster), and as is usually the case with a guitar this old, more problems were discovered once the repairs began. John fixed everything and went out of his way to keep the cost of additional repairs reasonable.
You can trust John to do exceptional work at a fair price on any repair from a minor problem to a major overhaul.

Blewett Thomas
Biloxi, Mississippi

“Nothing feels good until John gets it in his hands. His setups feel amazing.”
Ben Miller
Nashville, TN
The Swon Bros.

“I would like to acknowledge my friend of many years, John Ingram. He is a talented luthier and has years of experience creating guitars that
speak the same language as the musician. Nice talent.”

Mark Andes
Los Angeles, California
Houston, TX
Bass Guitar:
Canned Heat
Jo Jo Gunne
Session Bassist

“I’ve known John since before all of that…since the days of the fabled garret workshop. I’d trust him with instruments I wouldn’t even let you look at.”

Adrian Bond
Annapolis, MD
Solo Artist

“John is one of the best! His work is absolutely top notch. He’s been involved in the guitar making process at every level, and set a very
high standard for me during my early years playing PRS guitars. He “knows” what makes a guitar feel and play great, and how to make that

David Grissom
Austin, TX
Joe Ely
John Mellencamp
Dixie Chicks
Session Guitarist

“In the years I’ve spent in the guitar business I’ve learned that a great repair-person is like spouse: if you find a good one, hang on to him or her.  I’ve worked with plenty of repair people in my time, and never have I seen anyone that cares so much about every guitar he touches.  He’s humble, but I tell you what, he knows about all there is to know about guitar repair.”

Bonni Lloyd
Baltimore, MD

“John is the guy. When it comes to frets, there is nobody but John. You won’t be disappointed.”

Dennis Michaels
Baltimore, MD
Bass Guitar

“John made me my dream guitar. I average 4-5 gigs a week with it and he keeps it ready for me to play. I never have to worry about my
Seneca….always playing like the first time, every time.”

Marietta, GA
Solo Artist

“John is the man I trust with my instruments.”

Robert Fiester
Bowie, MD
Private Instructor
Session Guitarist

“John Ingram is at the top of the list for guitar repair and setup work.”

Larry Urie
Gaithersburg, MD

“John is an artist, his fret work is second to none. I trust him completely with my guitars. He gave me the best fret job I ever had and
I didn’t even have to take him to dinner.”

Doug Rappoport
Los Angeles, California
Guitar, Edgar Winter Group
Solo Recording Artist

“John Ingram is the only person I would consider taking my guitars to for repairs, tweaks, set ups, upgrades or anything else.

John M. Van Dyke
Annapolis, MD

“John Ingram has been working on my guitars since 1980. When it comes to fret work, he’s the best in the business. Fact is, he’s the only repair person allowed to touch my guitars.”

John Bell
Millersville, MD

“John, just wanted to let you know that I have really been enjoying my ’67 Tele since you worked on it. The refret was much needed and the
setup is great now. It sounds even all the way up the neck and the action is the best it’s ever been.”

Jere Gallimore
Lubbock, TX

“John is a highly skilled guitar technician who does great work on instruments of all levels. In addition, he has an honesty about how the results will turn out that is to be trusted.”

Paul Smith
Annapolis, MD

“John has been my go to guy for any serious guitar repair work since 1995. His vast knowledge and long experience have made him the master.”

Godfrey Townsend
New York, New York
John Entwhistle Band
Alan Parsons Project
The Turtles (Flo and Eddie)
Eric Clapton Tribute
Walk Down Abbey Road Tours (Guitars, Musical Director)

“I have known John Ingram for over 40 years and have used his many services time and time again – with great success and satisfaction.
Besides Paul – John is the only luthier who has ever worked on my heirloom bass: PRS #11. Over the years, John has done a number of projects for me – all the way from disassembly to assembly, repairs,set-ups, fret work and finishing work. His work is immaculate and he is a true professional. I only wish he lived closer to me in New York, so I could harass and beg him into coming over to tweak my instruments more frequently….”

Rick Kennell
New York, New York
Bass Guitar, Happy the Man

“The pursuit of your voice or tone is of primal concern for guitarists. Food, sex, life, death are in the rear view mirror. I spent ludicrous
amounts of time and cash as a newbie nitwit chasing endorsement hype and technical gibberish. What I needed was a Guru. Every aspect of worthwhile human endeavor has there seers, these enlightened ones who can lead you to your bliss.

After the blizzard of junk I acquired, John helped me strip away the dross and skim the cream. I never had a Setup until the Orkmeister waved his magic straightedge over my poor benighted Fender. All my full time, number one stage guitars has been Orkieized. Setups, Pickups, MoJo…all from the little town time forgot and the reclusive master of the tweak.”

Bob Anderson
Gettysburg, PA
Guitar/Bass Session Player/Producer/
Recording Engineer

“I met John Ingram when I bought my first PRS in 1986. He has worked onmy guitars ever since. After many fret jobs, countless setups, rewiring and parts guitar assemblies, I can honestly say that NO one is better than John. Just for fun I had one of my Telecaster style guitars done with a Plek machine. John’s fret work is better. He knows how a guitar should play and sound, always does great work.”

Gantt Kushner
Washington, DC
Guitarist/Producer/Studio Engineer

“Orkie is the Little Big Man of guitar repair. He speaks softly and carries a big stick. And he invented a chord (Orkie minor).”

Todd Austin
Nashville, TN
Purple Masquerade

“John (Orkie) Ingram has maintained my fleet of guitars for over 10 years. I continue to return to his precision guitar services because of
his long experience and highly technical approach. I always look forward to the way my guitars play and feel after a visit to his shop.
Reasonably priced, consummate professional service.

John Luskey
North Beach, MD
Solo Artist

“John has worked on my guitars for the past 10 years. Whether it’s a Fender, Gibson, PRS or other brand, he always gets it right. His
attention to detail is unmatched. He not only does amazing work but listens carefully and understands what the player is looking for.
Although an hour and a half away it is well worth the drive. Thanks John, you continue to amaze me. Two thumbs up!”

Jeff Finn
Fairfax, VA

“John Ingram’s fret jobs and setups seem to unlock the instrument’s full potential. Everything has a magical sparkle after he is done with it.”

Anthony Setola
Baltimore, MD
Session Bassist

“John has worked on my guitars for over 20 years. He has an innate sense of how to set up any given guitar, and also knows when the guitar ‘rings well’…most techs don’t get this; John does.”

James (Tip) Wirrick
Los Angeles, California
Producer, writer, session player, guitar & keyboards:
Tuck Bailey Band
Mark Hollingsworth
Greg Adams Band
East Bay Soul 

“When I needed my vintage bass worked on, I went to the best. John Ingram did a superb job re-fretting and setting up my ’63 Jazz Bass. I’ll be taking my ’59 P-Bass to him next!”

Larry Melton
Bowie, Maryland

“My Ingram built guitar is the “go to” instrument for me in the studio and on tour. John’s skills and heart are reflected in his work. He
successfully combined modern playability with vintage feel and sound. That’s not easy. Thanks John!”

Danny Louis
New York, New York
Keyboards, Guitar
Govt. Mule 

“There is a saying that you can’t make silk out of a sow’s ear. Well, if anyone could, it would be John Ingram. He took a $300 student guitar and turned it into a silky smooth, playable instrument. His talent is legendary and his fees are very reasonable.”

Kelly Bustard
Annapolis, Maryland

“John is the best. He listens, always does fantastic work and he does it fast. John is my first call.”

Randy Morser
Annapolis, MD
DC Fusion
Private Guitar Instructor
Session Player

“I’ve been taking my guitars to John for 13 years…best setups ever…two refrets on my ’78 Les Paul….the work and care is awesome!
Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Paul Napora
Baltimore, MD
Radio Monkey

“I only take my guitars to John (Orkie) Ingram because he sets them up to my liking. He also repaired my guitars to almost new. Thanks John!”

Jose Gelabert
Gaithersburg, MD

“Setups are impeccable. Repairs right the first time. John knows his business.”

Larry Blevins
Arnold, Maryland

“John comes highly recommended, a guy with lots of experience….a genius inside and outside the PRS era. He does the setup of my touring guitars and also works on the guitars in my collection. Now they are better than ever. He is honest in his assessment of what work should or shouldn’t be done.”

Pablo Oliveres
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Washington, DC
Solo Artist, Producer

“Hands down the best guitar work in Maryland. John has been setting up and modding my guitars exclusively for 10 years now. I trust no one else with my babies. From fret work to complete re-wiring, I’ve never had a single complaint…work done to perfection every time.”

Jay Shade
Washington, DC
Just Push Play

“At this point, I can honestly say that if anyone needs a guitar/bass tech, John Ingram is the best kept secret out there! His skills as a
luthier and guitar/bass tech are unsurpassed!!! He always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect, and I’ve seen him get very
creative at fixing problems most techs wouldn’t even attempt. John is currently the only person I trust to work on my instruments, and I am
very thankful for all of the excellent work he does. Thank you, John!”

Sage Ali
Los Angeles, California
Washington, DC
Bass Guitar
Solo Artist

“John is the only one I will take my axes to now. New frets on my ’74 Strat and he completely reinvigorated my #1, an ES-335. Quick turn
around and cares deeply about guitars.”

Brian Forte
Annapolis, MD

“There are exceptions, but most guitars ‘right out of the box’ are not set up properly for optimum intonation and playability. This was the
case for a relatively nice Larrivée I purchased from a big-box store afew years back. John adjusted the neck relief and reset the string
height at the nut and bridge to perfection. The difference in playability was like night and day.”

Rob Cherney
Ellicott City, MD
Bass/8-String Bass

“How does a musician end up with a million dollars? He starts off with 3 million.”

Carey Ziegler
Baltimore, MD
Carey Ziegler’s Expensive Hobby

“Orkie knows how da slay dem bitchiez…know what’m sayin’?…..

Rich Gaige
Severna Park, MD
Hedge Fund Manager

“I believe John knows the ins and outs of guitars as much or more than their designers… a very special talent indeed.”

Bobby Hird
Baltimore, MD
Crack the Sky
Solo Artist

“John is not only a longtime friend, but his knowledge of guitars in general has been invaluable to me in locating many of the guitars I have
owned. Not to mention doing the best fret jobs and being the best repairman I know. I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my instruments.”

Ralph Perucci
Los Angeles, California
Former PRS Sales Rep.
Current Knaggs Guitars Sales Rep.
Session Guitarist

“There are few people who can get me to drive from western NY to MD to get my guitar expertly repaired… John Ingram is that person.”

Mick Hayes
Buffalo, NY

“John Ingram has worked miracles on every guitar I have owned including a 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG. I trust him with all those guitars that are special to me. On top of that I consider him to be very reasonable with his prices. I highly recommend him based on his knowledge of the instruments and his passion for them.”

Jerry McCoy
Washington, DC

“I highly recommend trusting John with your guitar or bass. I took two of my instruments into him and he was able to see me promptly and did great work on both instruments. One instrument was (is) over 30 years old and he made it sing again. When I asked him to make an extra adjustment after our first encounter, he was very accommodating and was able to fulfill my request same day. Fast, friendly and HIGH QUALITY service is hard to come by, nowadays. If I were you, I’d put my trust in John.”

T.J. Collins
Annapolis, MD
Bass Guitar

“John is without a doubt the best guitar tech/luthier around. Superb quality and craftsmanship. His knowledge and experience can make any guitar come alive and enhance any player’s style! Thanks for all the years of support and friendship.”

Mark Cawood
Washington, DC

“Tone is important but nothing matters more than being in tune. Get a pro setup from John Ingram.”

Lindy Fralin
Richmond, VA

“John took my beloved but beat up ’66 telecaster that would fight me at every gig, and returned to me a stunning vintage instrument that plays perfectly.”

Carl Corse
Annapolis, MD

“Hands down, John is one of the best guitar techs in the business. Whether you need your neck re-fretted or your guitar set up, he will
bring out the best in your guitar or bass. Now, if I could only get him to relocate to the beach here in SW Florida!”

Jonas Aronson
Fort Myers, FL

“John has been taking care of my guitars for over 30 years. I wouldn’t consider anyone else.”

Dave Pugh
Baltimore, MD

“John is eager to do the finest work anyone can possibly offer. The guitars he works on come back to you feeling amazing.”

Tyler Tomlinson
Nashville, TN
Eric Paslay

“I first met John over 25 years ago when a friend referred him as being the ‘go to’ guy for fret work. John did a masterful job of leveling and re-fretting an early 70’s Strat neck. Since then John has done countless projects for me, including both ‘electric’ and ‘acoustical’ guitar work. John is a true craftsman!! His knowledge, skills, and abilities areperhaps second to none. Further, his judgment as to ‘what to do’ and
‘how to do it’ is extraordinary. I would trust John with a guitar of any type and any value, and be 110% confident that it was in the best of
hands, and that I would be delighted upon its return.”

Tom Dickinson
Pasadena, MD

“John has been setting up and servicing my basses since 1981. Everything from rewiring pots and pickups to replacing the nut and bridge. I will not take my basses anywhere else and highly recommend his services.
Thanks again John.”

Daniel T. Brewer, Sr.
Annapolis, MD

“I trust John with all of my guitars, whether it’s for a new setup, refret or a complete refinish. Fantastic attention to detail, simply the
best when it comes to making your guitar sound, look and play like it should.”

Rick Conrath
Bethesda, MD

“When my ’85 PRS needed to be reassembled to factory specifications (after its original owner yanked the guts) there was only one person who could rewire the complex 5-way switch and restore the guitar’s pedigree:  the guy that wired it up the first time.”

Hans O’Matic
Denver Colorado