Expert Guitar & Bass Repair and Restoration since 1980.  Annapolis, MD.

John Ingram has been perfecting the craft of guitar repair since 1980.   He has worked on just about every make and model of guitar and bass that has ever been seen in the world.  He spent many years at PRS Guitars and specializes in complete restoration and repair of those instruments.  Convenient to Baltimore and DC, John Ingram’s Guitar Repair Shop is located in Annapolis, MD.  He accepts instruments from around the country, so call to visit, or to arrange delivery of your guitar.  Please visit the “Testimonials” page to learn what his clients say about his work. 

“John is one of the best! His work is absolutely top notch. He’s been involved in the guitar making process at every level, and set a very high standard for me during my early years playing PRS guitars. He “knows” what makes a guitar feel and play great, and how to make that happen!”

David Grissom
Austin, TX
Joe Ely
John Mellencamp
Dixie Chicks
Session Guitarist

“I first met John at 33 West St. when he started working with a guy named Paul. A few thousand guitars later when I needed a fret job, John was who I took my guitar to. John’s work is meticulous and the guitars play beautifully! He understands frets, fingerboards, and set-ups, and has rescued a number of my guitars that might have otherwise been un-playable forever. Want your guitar to play like a dream? Give John a call today!”

Bill Holter
Alexandria, VA

“John has always done great work and fret jobs for me. He was my set-up guy for many years and always did stellar work. I’m a player and know very little about the ‘technical’ and repair aspect of guitars. I haven’t adjusted my own action or intonation in decades. Having a top-notch person like John Ingram repair, restore and care for your guitars is essential for players out on the road.”

Jock Bartley
Denver, Colorado